VTT Project Team

Find more about the intrepid team (alphabetic order, first name leading) in charge of the Mad@Work project

Atte Kinnula (PhD) has 27 years of ICT industry experience, 10 of which in applied research and 25 of which working for large private sector companies. Research interests revolve around developing intelligent systems that adapt to people and fit to societies rather than vice versa.

Elena Vildjiounaite (PhD) works in VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Oulu, Finland in international R&D projects in the domains of data analysis, human-computer interaction and mental wellbeing.

Jani Koivusaari (MSc) has over 10 years of research experience in the ICT field. His main interests and expertise are in the design and development of sensors based IoT concepts for wellbeing and smart buildings.

Johanna Kallio (MSc) has 20 years of experience in applied research in collaboration with European companies. Research interest include monitoring of human behavior & mental well-being (stress detection), and adaptive indoor environments to improve work well-being. She is finalizing her multidisciplinary PhD on the topic of personalized long-term stress assessment using unobtrusive environmental sensors.

Julia Kantorovitch (PhD) is Senior Scientist at VTT in Smart Industry business area. Her research interest includes design science research, knowledge driven services and the impact of technology on everyday life. In Mad@Work project, she is particularly interested in awareness and how it may influence personal comfort and organizational wellbeing.

Pauli Räsänen (MSc Tech) has 29 years of experience in embedded and digital systems, including but not limited to sensors, communications protocols and HW-SW integration. Topical research interests focus on data acquisition and ennobling influence for intelligent systems.

Vesa Kyllönen (MSc Tech) has 23 years’ experience of applied research. Research interests include developing production monitoring and planning systems.

Zsolt Homorodi has over 17 years of ICT industry experience, 10 of which he spent in large private-sector ICT companies. His main focus at VTT revolve around cloud-native data collection backends, Kubernetes and related DevOps tooling.